Reclamation Yard


Many people dream of owning a classic Spanish farmhouse or a white-walled cottage - their terracotta pantiled roofs and stone-thick lime-washed walls repelling the summer heat. The reality is, in truth, rather different. Slapdash conversions, unscrupulous promoters, ill-equipped architects, sadly many buyers in Spain end up with unfulfilled dreams.

Going for the simple, easy route the vast majority of renovations end up showing little evidence of the original fabric. Eroding the character of the buildings, discarding old doors and beams, often all you are left with is the original footprint and little more. The end result; tacky, repetitive details and a bland and sterile building.

Our approach is completely different. Starting from the outset to protect the local vernacular architecture, we save as much of the original fabric as possible. Whether renovating grand town houses or humble smallholdings, our aim is to conserve, not destroy.

At the same time, we believe that contemporary intervention is usually essential to ensure our projects are enhanced for contemporary living. Whether this means re-ordering interiors, upgrading surfaces or creating shade, there is plenty of room for modernity.

Using a hand-picked team of skilled and knowledgeable professionals – each with years experience in their fields - we offer an authentic final product which maintains its integrity and signs of age. Fluent in Spanish (a real necessity for this job) and with an excellent understanding of the building industry and its idiosyncrasies, we believe we can offer what you need on the ground.

Ultimately we believe that despite the huge influx of population to the region, it is possible to develop in sustainable and sensitive ways and leave the client with the product they were originally dreaming of.